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Torry is one of the oldest parts of Aberdeen with records showing that nearly 900 years ago it existed as a separate community .The name Torry almost certainly arises from the Gaelic word torr meaning rounded hill or mound and it was from the northern slopes of this torr that the inhabitants  of the village of Torry would have watched the Viking Eystein enter the harbour and sail towards the city of Apardion(Aberdeen) .Later the Torry fisher folk would have watched these same Vikings sail out of the harbour no doubt grateful that  this Viking visitation had spared their village the devastation suffered by Aberdeen.

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Royal Charter

In the year 1495 King James IV of Scotland granted a Charter creating the town of Torry a free Burgh of Barony. This allowed the people of Torry to trade more freely,have a weekly market on Friday’s and an annual fair on St Fittick’s Day.

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Saint Fitticks

The original Saint Fitticks church was dedicated in the year 1242.Legend has it that part of William Wallace’s body may be buried in it’s grounds!

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Traditionally Torry has depended mainly on fishing for its livelihood .This fishing was   line fishing from boats called yawls till the late 19th century and the arrival of trawl fishing.

These yawls were small boats and disasters were not uncommon due to the temperamental severity of the weather in the North Sea.



Links to Aberdeen

Torry’s  isolation from the rest of Aberdeen on the south side of the River Dee was lessened in 1830 when the Wellington Suspension Bridge was built. The Torry ferry disaster or 1876 in which over 40 people lost their hastened the building of the Victoria Bridge to Torry in 1881.

The Torry to Footdee ferry




Fishing and Oil

The last decades of the 20th century saw the decline of Aberdeen as a fishing community and the growth of the oil industry. Aberdeen remains a busy and important port but the majority of  nautical traffic into and out of Aberdeen is now related to the Oil Industry.


Torry could no longer be described as a fishing community but numbers of people still work in the fish processing industry.Much of the  fishing community of Old Torry was demolished to make way

for more modern developments.


The Torry dock now caters almost entirely for vessels related to the oil industry.

Old Torry--Fore Close

Victoria Road School has seen many changes during its 128 year history with the occupations of the parents of the children in our school now differing considerably from what they were even twenty years ago.

    It remains the closest Aberdeen school to the sea and the only school from whose windows the boats can be watched as they move out and the harbour.

Looking North from the upper floor of Victoria Road across a wintry Aberdeen skyline with the harbour in the foreground and the tower of the townhouse in the

background .

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